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Taking a toyota 8 front axle and flipping it and doing some mods so the differential is on the drivers side inside of the passenger side. These axles can bend easily, so if the 30 you are looking at is under a rolled or heavily damaged rig, pay close attention to the camber of the axle. Based on hendricksons proven paralifttm ultra steerable lift axle system, parasteer solves the. Front passenger drop dana 60s can be found under 87 and older chevys and 93 and older dodges, usually one tons but some 34 tons. I noticed when im turning tight corners the drive axles come out of alignment by around an inch,maybe more. I picked up an old ford kingpin hp dana 60 for a hell of a deal today. Recently i purchased an international s1954 dump truck,with a hendrickson suspension. Lift axle suspensions use air bags to carry weight, and either air bags or steel springs to raise the axle when its not needed. Air spring identification how to identify an air spring.

Question,, i have a jeep wt 1979 dana 44 passenger side drop axle,, can i pull whole knuckle assy. If two sets of air bags are used, one set is inflated while the. The top 10 junkyard axles wrecking yard gold four wheeler. Lift axle specifications lift axles full line of auxiliary lift axles prewelded fixed axle suspensions can be prewelded to your required frame width. With that comes cutting of drivers s side axle tube and measuring for the proper axle length to accommodate the adjustment backhalving the car and fitting larger wheels and tires, which many of you reading likely are, will necessitate cutting both axle. Airtek is the industrys first front air suspension and steer axle system. The culmination of danas transfer case engineering, the model 300 was the final coup in gear drive. How to adjust ride height on a hendrickson air ride suspension. I have just never looked into stock cj widetrack width driver drop axles before. Several suppliers have introduced lighter steer axles in recent years. You cant over express the need to raise the drop axle when empty if the drop axle is behind your steer. The driver side dana 44 solid front axle blue oval trucks.

Fullwidth 69 inches wide axle conversions using up to 37inch tires, yjs, tjs, and others with swappedin or others with factory passenger side drop tcase. Hendrickson suspension parts, original replacement. If you switch to passenger side drop, youll have to reroute your exhaust to clear the driveshaft. Mark the location of the suspension side rails on the frame rails refer to the suspen. Reading around on some sites, it appears this is something that is possible. Hendrickson offers a wide variety of auxiliary steer lift axles to meet the requirements of any truck application. Complete with all the parts you need to install it with leaf springs set to the stock 31. Fbc fx ride height composilite st a lightweight, steerable suspension system utilizing adjustable frame width and ride height features to allow easier stocking of one suspension for multiple applications. This also means that the exhaust needs to be rerouted around to the other side. In this video our mechanic demonstrates how to adjust the ride height on a hendrickson air ride suspension.

There are also other details to the swap, some of the details are related to doing a spring over axle conversion. Unitized trailer air suspension system steerable suspension system cxsl 25k dock stabilizing technology hendrickson chassis axle severe duty system top mount underslung ybeam aanl 23k lowride heightliftable aant 23k top mount aat 23k25k30k top mount aal 23k25k30k lowride heightliftable aanls 20k lowride height shortbeam aaedt 30kaaedl 30k extreme duty platform slider systems. The driver side dana 44 solid front axle identification. Looking for a dana 44 with a driver s side pinion to use for a sas. The 2nd generation axles were driver s side with ball joints. With a unique design that provides increased stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance, airtek is the industrys first front air suspension and steer axle system. When it comes to chassis suspension for fire apparatus, theres a lot more to it than meets the eyes. From hendrickson tandem bolts to hendrickson walking beams, hendrickson walking beam bushing kits, hendrickson torque rod bushings and hendrickson saddle assemblies. When it comes to fire apparatus and truck suspension. Pm ibuildembig about where to find axles for want you want.

Hendricksons composilite sc family of lift axles for steerable truck and trailer applications delivers. Iron case, geardriven, pasenger side offset drive for the front axle and centered output for the rear axle. Several technological advancements enabled hendrickson to take this concept from theory to the road. Steer axle suppliers focus on weight reduction transport topics. Also try just search ford dana 60 or ford dana 44 on craigslist. I sold a few axles and dont remember if that was one of them. Hlr2 composilite fx the fixed axle model in the proven composilite family, the fx features common components of the steerable composilite st systems. Search results for hendrickson suspension on heavytruckparts. Symptoms of a bad or failing axle cv shaft assembly. Combined with hendrickson s steertek nxt axle, airtek can offer up to 97 lbs. I have decided to sell the high pinion dana 44 that i bought from weezul.

Hendrickson axle truck components for sale 111 listings. Fullwidth 69 inches wide axle conversions using up to 37inch tires, yjs, tjs, and others. Are you wanting full width axles or stock jeep width. Find information about past generation lift axle products. Models include lift axle, steertek, air up air down, steerable axle kit, tag axle, air ride, steerable lift axle, 12. In fact, one industry expert says the study of chassis suspension can be shrouded in mystery. Slightly stronger than its predecessor with improved gearing and operation. The first step is to tear down the axle and grind off the passenger side steering yoke as you would for a cut and turn or any narrowing job. Leaf resists lateral axle movement to increase roll. I measured to make sure i wasnt imagining things from the same spot of the hub to the edge of the well above, and the driver s side is just over one inch.

Hendrickson axle truck components for sale 109 listings. Once the truck is straightened out,and i move forward they return to the correct alignment. The system provides improved driver comfort, exceptional handling and stability with up to 55. Airtek utilizes hendrickson s lightweight steertek nxt steer axle, which helps increase payload.

Then you could keep your tcase alone on the driver side drop. These were usually 6 lug in the half tons and 8 lug in the 34 tons. The original equipment or aftermarket number is affixed to the top plate of the air spring assembly. Weve been in the heavy duty truck and trailer parts business for decades, and started selling light truck accessories online in 2000.

The axle less system provides a smooth, quiet, safe ride and can eliminate the need for an axle. Even so, there will be more driveshaft room on the driver side than the passenger side with this driveline. If i have it retubed to be a passengerside drop, how will this effect the new pass. Integrated mid lift axle and air suspension system. I just need to know why a dodge front dana 60 is not a desirable swap. When i try to get to the pirate4x4 tech articles where the dana 60 bible is at it tells me im sorry i cant find what your looking for. Composilite exs truck is hendrickson s innovative next generation of steerable lift axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance. The tapered kingpin roller bearing delivers reduced steering effort for the driver, sproull said. Onepiece axle has an integral spindle with fi ve times the life in cornering and side skid situations when compared with. So, im looking for driver drop front axle options with the following characteristics im game for a bastard axle build, btw. Search results for hendrickson spring hanger for sale on. Silent drive is an industry leader offering customized truck and trailer lift axles plus a variety of ready to ship lift axles for tag and pusher use, with our specialty suspension being the maxle.

The ultimaax suspension offers a balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability for driver. Pinion offset guide and howto with chassis engineering. Kenworth t880 adds hendrickson ultimaax severeduty. Browse our inventory of new and used hendrickson axle truck components for sale near you at.

Driver s side sagging so i took off my stock side steps today easy to do btw, and i highly recommend it. Hendrickson suspension parts are original replacement suspension parts for hendrickson trucks. When they do wear out, the cv axles will usually show symptoms to let the driver know they require attention. Its exclusive air springs support a majority of the load, greatly increasing driver comfort. Is not welded all the way around the inner c if pinion angle needs to be changed. I have no use for a driver side drop 60, all of my rigs are pass. Complete liftable systems shipped directly to your door step. All the wranglers use a drivers drop transfer case, so the solution is to use a dana 300 from a 80s cj. Search results for hendrickson spring hanger on heavytruckparts. Easily find what you need from 1,653,372 parts available. But we could load the truck to almost the exact weight we needed. Hendrickson lift axles providing the additional hauling capacity to tackle the job hlr. Youll get more tcase gear options with a passenger drop. Inset lower beams help to optimize lateral stiffness and to eliminate the need for vrods.

Suspension units replace your existing axle and operate independently. The vocational flagship kenworth t880 is now available for order with the hendrickson ultimaax advanced severeduty rubber suspension, kenworth announced at the ntea work truck show. Full size passenger drop front dana 44s were in chevys in the mid to late 70s but only for a few years iirc before they started using 10 bolts. Easily find what you need from 1,645,830 parts available. The driverside spring pirch is cast into the center section.

Select and order western star replacement suspension parts for your western star truck or tractor. Models include lift axle, steertek, air up air down, intraax aat23krc, tag axle, air ride, steerable axle kit, steerable lift axle, 12. Integrated front air suspension and steer axle system. You can build it to the same dimensions as a standard passenger drop front axle and use all stock parts right down to the axle shafts, u bollts and lug nuts. Gm versions are passenger side differential drop, standard rotation gears, kingpin knuckles and 35 spline axle. One of the most common and noticeable symptoms of a bad or failing cv axle shaft assembly is an audible clicking noise when turning or accelerating. I did it once getting the right pressure on the drop axle will take a scale. Anyone running a driverdrop front axle close to stock. They are pretty common around the dfw area, ive used a few under customers vehicles. Search results for hendrickson suspension for sale on. Passenger side drop front axle jeep wrangler forum.

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